We come to this universe as denizens and share in the splendor of this world as one among all God’s creations.
While God’s beasts rejoice for their part in the cosmos, man—too innovative, too clever, too naive, too brutal, too narcissistic to gaze into crystal blue waters and see anything but his own reflection—defile and foul our paradisiacal planet…now less perfect, less pure, smaller.
Had we the character of the dolphin, the humility and harmony to take our rightful place among all things and be happy in the knowledge we are a rightful part of a vast community of life, had we enjoined them in the celebration to swim, to leap, to rejoice in the passion of life, had we embraced the simple magnificence of life as was God’s design, ponder then the exquisiteness of God’s blue marble.

D. E. Auten